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Child's emotional intelligence

Benson's meditation

Jacobson's relaxation

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Welcome to my website

This web will be dedicated to all kind of people who are interested in psychology. You will find here self-improvement guides. We’ll talk about issues/topics like parenting, how parents can enhance their emotional intelligence, couples, problems at work, etc. New areas/topics will be added, according to our visitor’s interests. Our objective is not to solve our reader’s problems, but to offer psychological facts that can be useful for you.

Elisa Urbano

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Relaxation techniques

Benson’s Meditation


¿Do you feel anxious, stressed, worried,  preoccupied...?


  • Anti-stress relaxation
  • Getting ready
  • Breathing
  • Muscular tension and relaxation
  • Visualization
  • Progressive relaxation (by Jacobson, Bernstein and Borkovec)

To give yourself a break, out of those worries that cause anxiety or stress in our daily lives…

Enhancing your child’s emotional intelligence(EQ) 

Education at the right moment

Self-esteem and respect

The rules

TV and computer

Laughs and joy in the family 

Encouraging them to care about others. Their manners 

How are they going to solve their problems? 

How to make friends 

How do we take care of their emotions?