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We consider this form of communication through the Internet as a way of approaching psychology, but protected by anonymity. This is very interesting in the context of a society in which people feel often judged by others, being socially unaccepted to have doubts or problems. This electronic form of anonymous communication enables a lot of visitors to broaden their knowledge and to express themselves without the burden of being judged or ranked. 

We think about psychology in a practical way, that is, we should use all the knowledge accumulated to this day to improve our existence. To be happier, to have a better understanding of those important people in our lives. To improve our empathy and understand others. 

More often than not, when something happens to us, we feel confused, or we fail to react self-confidently or we don’t understand what’s happening. We feel like sharing our thoughts, but we do it with the least appropriate people. To offer you an option, different from the ordinary, we’ve put an e-mail address at your disposal, which later, in the “consultations” section, we’ll explain how we are going to use it.

Elisa Urbano

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